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  1. Hi Dave,

    I saw you talk at Playful a year and a bit ago. You discussed bitcoin amongst other things and I thought it was great. We were there with our little mobile app called GUM that let you stick messages to barcodes. My colleague did a talk using a bag of shopping.

    A while ago, I had the idea of writing something around the idea of Greece being taken over by Google. It turns out I am not the best wrier in the world and in the time it would take me to pull it together, the relevance would likely be gone. Recently, I thought it might still be a good jump off point for other writers and thinkers to look at a range of issues related to politics, tech, utopianism etc.

    I wrote a brief prologue and a bit of background info (still in draft) on Medium. I’d love to know your thoughts on it.



    I’m looking to collect 8-12 pieces before launching and opening up wider. Form then on moving to a kind of subscription basis using Medium’s publication feature.

    I understand you’re extremely busy and I take heed of the joker on your homepage, but if despite that you’re at all interested, I’d also love for you to contribute something.

    Many thanks

    David Rogerson

  2. Hi David,
    I’m Project Manager Blockchain at the National Stock Exchange of India. We’re organizing a private meeting for the top bank CEOs in India along with regulators to set the stage for action on blockchain. I would greatly appreciate your presence in this meeting and was wondering if you’re available to come to Mumbai on 29th August.

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